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As an individual, it’s easy:

Sign the pledge

As an organisation:

  1. Have a conversation about this issue with your company.
  2. If everyone's on board, encourage staff to sign up personally.
  3. Email your company logo and website address.

Learn things:

  1. Check out Here She Is, recognising the talent and leadership of Australian women.
  2. Women: Sign up for speaking opportunities at, and also here.
  3. Men: See Male Champions of Change’s action page, and their panel pledge.
  4. Startup CEOs and employees: Join Project Include.
  5. Read Catalyst for some good research.
  6. See for more things to do.
  7. Watch how to be an ally on YouTube.
  8. Sign up to Owen Barder’s list, which is very similar to this.
  9. Another similar list is at
  10. Sign the Diversity Charter.

If you’re organising an event:

  1. Ask your speakers to recommend diverse talent.
  2. Get speakers from the Women for Media database.
  3. Find female speakers from Peggy’s List from MediaScope.
  4. Read this TNW article, check out Emberconf’s approach.
  5. Join / support Project Include.

The timeline of this site

May 1st Dan, Darren, Jason, Adam and Matt put a line in the sand @ SMH, publicly boycotting all-male speaker panels.

May 2nd Alan Jones drops the mic on twitter live at a panel, on the same issue.

May 3rd @willdayble rounds up @dekaminski (founder of Men Say No, Thanks), the above speakers, and various peers to look into making this site.

May 4th Startup Smart cover the subject, with folks like @LANTS stepping up.

May 5th @willdayble and @lukegiuliani make this site, hosted by Serversaurus.

May 6th Over the weekend we double-check everything with trusted advisors.

May 8th Happy Mother’s Day, Australians!

May 9th Site launch. Coverage appears on Mashable almost immediately. Clare Carmody also blogs on LinkedIn.

May 11th Darren Hill writes a piece for Australian Financial Review.

May 15th Ann Nolan writes a piece on Medium

May 18th We hit 100+ signatories, which is neat...

June 3rd We are covered on prime time Swedish news.

June 8th Whole org pledges start, spearheaded by Squareweave and BlueChilli.