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The speakers below will not appear on any panel that comprises solely of men.

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Dan Gregory @DanGregoryTII

“Every study into diversity and collaboration I've read supports the fact that it raises the collective IQ. The lack of diversity is as much an affront to our intelligence as it is an undeniable bias!”

Darren Hill @fromdarrenhill

“There's no need — ever — for a panel to be all-male. It’s lazy at best and deeply misogynistic at worst. No females = no panel. End of story.”

Jason Fox @drjasonfox

“If you care about quality thinking, you care about diversity. To do otherwise is an anathema to meaningful progress.”

Adam Fraser @DrAdamFraser

“For too long business has missed out on the rich diversity that women bring. Men need to do more of the heavy lifting when it comes to diversity.”

Matt Church @mattchurch

“Lets not talk about diversity but do nothing about it. No one of us is as smart as all of us. It’s smart business to change the mix.”

Will Dayble @willdayble

“Our differences make us great. Do more of it.” -

Luke Giuliani @lukegiuliani

“The point of a panel or talk is to get diverse opinions and learn new things. Homogeneity is the opposite of that.”

Billy @billistrations

“I will not speak on a panel which entirely consists of man men.”

Ben Dechrai

“Diversity is the key to meaningful discussion, and meaningful discussion is the key to meaningful change.”

Geoff Gourley @geoffgourley

“Diversity on panels brings intelligence, balance and depth to the discussion.”

Aaron Tait

“In an industry where 69% of the workforce is female, it makes absolutely no sense to have all male panels at education events! ”

Ian Jones

“knowledge has no concern for boundaries. why restrict the rich diversity available?”

Kathryn Ananda

“Of course, my presence would ensure that it no longer was such a panel... Open up this issue further: who else do we systemically overlook?”

Clare Carmody

“The more diverse things are, the more fun and creative and interesting they are.”

Alvaro @alvaromaz

“It would be silly not to”

Liam Brennan @LCBrennan

“Aside form the moral issue at play, diversity ultimately produces better work. Things need to change - for the better.”

Al Jeffery @realiseflow

“Male-dominated thinking drove us here. We need balanced thinking to get us out!”

Jason Henham

“All male panels = less diversity, less fun, less learning, less progress”

Simon Terry

“Diverse voices make for better conversation and richer insights. ”

Rowdy McLean

“Gender diversity, parity and equality should be the focus of every organization in a modern economy!”

Murray Galbraith

“I have spent the past 18 months of my life dedicated to this exact cause. Myriad is my small contributions, we hope you enjoy it!”

Atlanta Daniel @LANTS

“Great initiative. ”

Charlie Gleason

“The absence of privilege can sometimes feel like oppression, but it's not. It's progress.”

Colin Ellis

“All male panels promote an outdated view of the world and continue to deny women the experience and recognition they deserve.”

Simon Waller

“Panel diversity is ultimately about giving the best experience to delegates”

Martin Gleeson @martingleeson

“We won't achieve real diversity unless we decide to and take active steps to make it happen. ”

Phillip Halliday @B0okman

“There are two sides to every coin.”

Rainer @laryllian

“I know, your dog ate your list of female speakers... well, my dog ate your invitaion then.”

Rahul Soans

“There isnt a topic in the world that shouldnt have a female voice”

Thomi Richards

“Why would I want to further the harmful appearance of a monoculture in this industry?”

Alan Jones @bigyahu

“It's time for old, rich white men to share the mic.”

Jason Bakker @jason_bakker

“There are invisible, systemic biases that affect us every single day - it is our responsibility to visibly push in the other direction.”

Jon King @J2koffline

“If there's one thing more boring than watching an all-male panel, it's sitting on an all-male panel.”

Jordan Carter @jordantcarter

“I believe in equality and diversity. My actions should match my beliefs.”

Paul Brislen

“Too many dicks on the dance floor. ”

Dan Groch @dan_groch

“Wisdom of crowds depends on two features: diversity and independence of opinions. More of both would make the world a better place. ”

Dr Jordan Nguyen

“Diversity on panels is so incredibly important! Has always been an important part of my work and my teams, great initiative!”

Shane Feldman @shanefeldman

“Because there is absolutely no reason why panels (and everything else for that matter) shouldn't be equal. Better balance = Better future.”

Tom Dawkins @tomjd

“It's going to take all of us to rise to the challenges & opportunities of our times and I won't be part of a panel that excludes half of us.”

Emeli Paulo

“What's wrong with us women? Or should I ask, why is diverse opinions the solution? ”

Alan Arthur @alanarthur

“My profession has a problem with lack of diversity. I want to be part of the solution”

Sanja Jovanovic

“Diversity is our greatest asset as a society. ”

Simon Mossman

“Quite simply, all-male panels is like yin without yang. Without balance, we are nothing. #lifesrichpageant”

Koky Saly

“I can't think of anything more boring than being on an all male panel. Except listening to one.”

Gary Edwards

“We're fooling ourselves if we think that a panel of all men is a good way to think through an issue. Diversity dispels that illusion”

David Hood

“Because we're all missing out! Without diversity of perspectives, experiences and ideas, we're missing the most valuable things we can learn”

Dan Turton

“It shouldn't even be an issue in our world today, but it is, so we are talking about it. Furthermore, we are doing something!”

Kath Mazzella

“Having men and women on a panel gives it a balanced point of view”

Simon spencer

“Seriously. It's 2016 and this should not be an issue but it is!”

Stephen Scott Johnson

“Diversity is the essence of thriving culture ”

Darren Fleming

“It is wrong that our daughters are held back because of their gender”

Tony Burrett @tonyburrett

“It makes no sense to have a panel consisting of all men. I won't stand for it!”

Jenny Hoy

“I believe in equality and not male biasness.”

Dr David Cooke

“Shame that we still need to talk about having an awesome inclusive attitude toward half the population ”

Alicia Dunams

“We need gender diversity as well as ethnic diversity. We also get to end all white social media panels, etc. C'mon people.”

Evelyn Jackson

“Diverse perspectives = balanced thinking and greater solution to reimagine what's possible ”

Richard Hodge

“The 1776 Declaration of Independence held self evident truths. Panel diversity is the 2016 addition ”

Adam Williams @williams_a_c

“Great initiative - the rail industry has a mountain to climb on gender diversity.”

Anna Reeves

“Diversity is about representation of all people - you just do it. We did on That Startup Show from day 1. ”

Ryan Ebert

“Embrace the change the world needs everyone to be involved to achieve great things ”

Ashley Howden

“Diversity of thought and deed is essential for rigour in decision making. That should reflected in all public debate.”

Drew Browne

“Surround yourself with better thinkers and be found on the right side of history ”

Tom Quinn @tomdquinn

“Talent is equal across genders, if its all male its a substandard panel. Plus, it's 2016. Time to get with the program.”

Paul Fairhead

“The dog days are over”

Janet Beckers @JanetBeckers

“7 years ago I started wwwomen to shine the light on successful biz women because I couldn't find them at events.2016 nothing's changed.”

Colin James

“Gender, age and cultural diversity on panels provide higher value for audiences. It's that simple. ”

Dr Bhakti Devi

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength”

Amantha Imber

“If I'm on the panel, then it's obviously not an all-male one. Bring on more chics!”

Desmond Sherlock

“I suggest a more preemptive approach i.e. To leave the quota of female seats vacant if not filled by women. Time for accountabil not excuses”


“Diversity is the key to success - happy to step aside to make sure that happens”

Andrew Roberts @andrew_roberts

“Building diversity in business starts with diverse leaders and panels are a great platform for showcasing the right mix of leaders.”

Michelle Redfern

“I will only appear in & attend events where this is gender balance. One token female is not enough.”

Matt Wicking

“For the future to be different, the present must be diverse.”

Tracey Robinson @robbo81

“Without diversity we won't develop, innovate or progress. It's a must! ”

Ben Crothers @bencrothers

“Diversity belongs at all, in all and to all. Why should public speaking and panels be any different?”

Craig Thomler @craigthomler

“We need a range of perspectives at the front of room, and while we still need to go further, including women on all panels is a good start.”


“We have already been through one big stint of the middle ages, no one wants that again. ”

Michele Gennoe

“Innovation and Disruption will only work when equality means equality for all of Humanity”

Mykel Dixon

“It's a no brainer, no women, no show. ”

Andrew Melville

“Manning up today to have diverse genders, ethnicities, and difference fairly represented ”

Euan Ritchie

“Because gender bias affects all of us, and needs to change”

David O'Reardon @silversix_dave

“Happy to pledge. Embarrassed that, in this day and age, there's a need for it.”

Natasha Robinson @ntash_r

“Because women have interesting and intelligent perspectives too! And token female presence doesn't count. ”

Sue Parker

“All men is boring - diversity is exciting.”

Dave Faulkner

“Diversity provides the best collective genius!”

Japh Thomson @Japh

“It feels strange that this is necessary, but it is, at least until balance is achieved and becomes the new normal.”

Geoff McDonald

“Half the world is female... ”

Jamie Madden @Jamiemadsun

“Because if my daughters are going to change the world we need to start now.”

Rick Measham @divZero_

“There is no panel that could not benefit from diversity in voice”

Dave Slutzkin @daveslutzkin

“Panels seem to be made up of the same 20 men in random order. Diversity would be more interesting even if it wasn't the right thing to do.”


“Let's face it, woman are smarter, more socially skilled, in touch with their heart space and live longer than us... ”

Holly Jones @dochpjones

“Awesome initiative! I'd like to see it expanded to include other underrepresented groups: People of color, with disabilities, etc.”

Jordan Walsh

“How can anyone form a well rounded opinion without discussing views from a diverse range of people? I fully support this initiative.”

Aaron Jorbin @aaronjorbin

“Diverse backgrounds and experiences lead to more and better ideas.”

Anthony Ferrara @ircmaxell

“Diversity matters because it shouldn't have to matter. And until we get to that point, we need to take steps to improve it.”

Louka Parry @loukaparry

“A diversity of voices isn't just a 'nice' thing. It's crucial for robust debate and better decisions, and to break down systemic sexism.”

Ben Pettingill

“Ideas for positive change and equality are nothing without action. Today, tomorrow and always, I take action.”

Leo Flander @leo_flander

“This change needs to be made, and this is the best way I know to get started.”

Gautam Raju @gautamraju

“Because it's 2016”

Gavin Heaton

“Let's just say enough is enough. More women. More diversity. More voices”

Brendon Hillermann @brehil1

“Why in the world would I not be all in?”

Laurie Bahri @Laurie_Bahri

“Tired of the assumption that "males do it best". What about encouraging more women to get out thre? Often they don't toot their own horn. ”

Jonathan Rhodes

“Diversity is something we must all fight for”

syed muhammad asyraf

“there needs to be a duality in its essence to have an outcome which is of any value”

Siddarth Das @siddarthdas

“As Justin Trudeau said 'because it's 2016'...”

Michael McQueen

“Such a great initiative!”

Sam Marley-Jarrett

“It's 2016 and about time we started making decent and meaningful strides towards gender equality”

Mat Fitzgerald @matfitzgerald

“It just needs to happen. No excuses anymore.”

Lucas Renzi www.

“While I may not appear on any panel anyway, choosing not to says more than anything any one panelist was going to offer anyway”

Shab Kumar @shabkumar

“because I'm a feminist and a human being.”

Brianna Olzen

“How is this even a question? ”

Chen Hui Jing @hj_chen

““Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” ”

Saskia Fairfull @SaskiaFairfull

“Doing out bit in tech for diversity because we give a shit.”

Cris Popp

“It's just about fairness - besides diversity makes for better decisions.”

Mark Shayler

“You know it makes sense. Should be 50/50”

Emily Alexandra @itsdra

“Cool. Now let's make a 'no interruption' policy! Wouldn't that be...”

Louka Parry @loukaparry

“Truly rich discussion only occurs with a diversity of voice. The more they reflect society, the more relevant the insights. Let's do this! ”

Arif Cem Gündoğan @angarabaylari

“"I will not participate in all male panels / Sadece erkeklerin oluşturduğu panellere konuşmacı veya dinleyici olarak katılmayacağım."”

Kyle Eric Johnson

“I work in IT, and we'll continue to struggle to get women and minorities involved all they ever see is white guy panels.”

Lorna Speid

“It is also time to get rid of token-ism. We need this type of initiative in pharma and for boards of directors. It isn't that hard. ”

Damien Stone

“There's no excuse for sausage fest panels. A diverse panel will bring diverse viewpoints. ”

Russell B. Farr @russellbfarr

“If something is worth hearing about, it's worth hearing from everyone.”

Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

“How much more we can achieve by relying on the one thing we all have in common: our diversity !”

Robert Saab

“Too much is being said about gender equality but unfortunately too little has been done. Time for that to change!”

Mike Witcombe @MikeWitcombe

“Because diverse voices make for more interesting conversations.”

Roberto Arias Alegria

“It's true that women are still a minority in the IT industry, however [minority] != 0”

Maiza de Lavenere Bastos

“If they had the same opportunities as men, this wouldn't be necessary. But it is.”

Mihran Hovnanian

“Not signing is indefensible; even Karl Marx would have signed it "Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex."”

Chris Kinsey

“Give ALL of Humanking a Voice !!”

Li Stevo


John Hilton

“Absurd how we don't encourage talent from women. The problem is widespread and cultural, but efforts like this definitely help.”

Brian Ballantyne @brianballantyne

“Variety is the spice of life.”

Stuart Smith @StuSm1th

“Quite simply whatever field you're in, it's the 21st century and it's time we all stepped up”

Rich Grenyer

“Because an all male panel is a sign of a dysfunctional event. Why bother?”

Scott Hanselman

“An inclusive tech environment makes it better for everyone.”

Greg Martin

“I've never once heard of organizers failing to find impressive women when they included it among their priorities.”

Joseph George Allen

“Men and women have equally valid views”

Joe Larson @joelarson4

“Seriously, this should go without saying”

Marjan Hammink

“Come on. It's 2016. Two thousand sixteen. ”

Axel van Rijsinge

“Male + Female = Future”

Gianluca Fiorelli @gfiorelli1

“I know digital females that are 10X better than but don't have the chance to speak. We must end this.”

Gerjon Ikink

“What is the use of a panel if it is not diverse? ”

Sebastiaan Rood

“Gender discrimination must be a thing of the past. Let's make it happen!”

clare lewis

“No women no world. ”

Robine Savert @robine_sevet

“Because it's 2016. How long is it gonna take?”

Craig Rispin CSP @craigrispin

“You had me at hello - count me in on #panelpledge - It was 20 years ago when I started bringing this up. Blank stares back mostly.”

Sze Chong

“I love having women on panels!”

Tom Marcinowski @TomHMarcinowski

“"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." - Stephen R. Covey”

Ian Dunbar @icdunbar

“The Fintech community needs to promote diversity. I proudly support this initiative. ”

Matthew Cengia @mattcen

“Diversity is self-propagating. Women and other oppressed groups have a right to be heard; we should hold space for them.”

Kon Karapana-giotidis @Kon__K

“I will only speak on panels where women make up 50% of speaking panel. It's a matter of justice & equality.”

Josh Lipscombe @ajoshuacraig

“I will not attend an event with a panel that made up of only men ”

Grant Young @grantyoung

“Diversity equals value at so many levels and so many ways, it shouldn't even be a point of contention in this day and age...”

clare lloyd @thebroadstair

“Diversity is everybody's problem. We can solve it together. ”

Debra Cupitt

“Gender equality can only be achieved when all voices are equally represented and heard.”

Nahkita Wolfe @skeetwolfe

“Because I live by my values, and I value diversity and inclusion.”

Nathan Murphy @leveragehacker

“There is no excuse in this day and age not to have a more diverse set of speakers on any panel. Let's change the story. ”

Marc Fickling @MarcFickling

“Panel diversity, put simply, it just makes sense! ”

Melissa Page

“These not so subtle non-inclusive acts are not setting an example for the next generation. Come on. It's 2016 people!!!!!!!”

Kirsteene Phelan

“My mother taught me to lead by example.”

Ipek Uzpeder @IUzpeder

“Transform your conference with women on the top.”

Bas van de Haterd

“more diversity leads to more points of view leads to greater understanding and tolerance”

John Cary @johncary

“Dudes, seriously? Why would anyone think an all-male panel is a good idea? #boring”

Callum McKirdy

“Audiences pay hard-earned money to hear new, best & innovative. All male panels are none of these. Let's not waste another dollar with bland”

Frank Wyatt @?lang=enhttp:

“Diversity by gender and ethnicity offers the world much greater potential as we bring different perceptions and experiences to the table”

Niki Scevak @nikiscevak

“Every conversation should have the voices of half of our population”

Kellie Tomney

“Totally support this. Thank you amazing men + looking forward to amazing women join you! All in our strengths - richer perspective + results”

Rick Baker

“Because it's just right.”

Ian Oppermann @ian_oppermann

“A focus on diversity means we are taking steps to unlock talent”

Alan Downie @alandownie

“There are plenty of people that can share more valuable insights than me, and half of those are female.”

Joel Connolly

“Because uniformity is boring and I actually want to learn”

Colin Kinner

“The startup community needs more women, and we won't achieve that by having all-male panels!”

Lauren Capelin @laurenjcapelin

“I am 100% willing to have a voice and play my part in bringing fair representation to panels everywhere!”

Danny Gilligan @dannygilligan

“I am in support because it just makes sense to have fair representation. An industry stance on this issue is long overdue.”

Simon Cant @simoncant

“For the sake of our industry, we need more women in positions of influence.”

The Supernova Tribe

“The Supernova Tribe stand for speaker diversity. Why? Because it is the way forward for every speakers bureau around the world. ”

Paula Bowden

“Let's open the world ”

C. Pelin Isbilen

“I don't want to be in between of manspeaking war.”

Ilke Kilinc @ilkeveilke

“No thanks, mate”

Bill Bartee

“Equality for all”

Elliot Costello @ygap_official

“It's 2016, this is not an option, it's common bloody sense.”

Jim Cassidy

“Progress is driven by gender balance and we need to take whatever measure possible to achieve this.”

Paul Naphtali

“It's just bloody obvious! Need to address the current imbalance”

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin @sebeckmas

“The only way to effect change is to lead from the front”

Chanie Hyde @thehungryginge

“It's time to think outside the "white middle aged man speaking to us about something" box”

Henry Singleton

“Fixing diversity in this industry has to happen at every level, and this is one of them. ”

Chris Ball @chrisoball

“1) Because it's right. 2) Because a diverse panel will deliver better outcomes.”

Dave Frankland @dfrankland

“If you require an explanation, one of us is in the wrong conversation.”

Jacinta Carboon @jacintacarboon

“Diversity leads to creativity- we need that for a bright future.”

Rachel Nowak @DrRachelNowak

“We all benefit when gender barriers to full participation in public and professional life are removed”

Ross Morrison McGill @TeacherToolkit

“I want the classroom diversity I work within, to be represented in the professional development events I attend and keynote.”

Warwick Peel

“We embrace diversity in gender, age, culture, sex and see it is a powerful force for positive impact”